Monday, April 26, 2021

AC Repair Experts in NJ

Do you need air conditioner repair in North NJ? 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is a company that offers quick, efficient and affordable air conditioner repair in North NJ.

NJ Plumbing Choice – AC Repair Service

The hot summer season is on its way. Most homeowners in NJ will turn on their AC systems to maintain an optimal temperature in the indoor space. However, HVAC systems, including air condition units, are prone to a wide range of problems. Issues occur when homeowners fail to inspect and clean their units after a long winter season.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire a professional AC repair and Maintenance Company to inspect the system and ensure it performs at its peak. First Choice Plumbing, NJ, is a professional company that offers a wide range of AC services, including repairs and maintenance.

We have qualified technicians who can repair AC problems on time to prevent them from getting significant repairs. Otherwise, it can lead to expensive repairs, and sometimes, homeowners need to replace the entire system, which can break the bank. That's why it is wise to contact NJ Plumbing Choice for preventative repairs and maintenance.

Years of Experience

First Choice Plumbing, NJ, has experienced and skilled professionals who can deal with various AC problems, such as water leaking inside or outside your house, refrigerant leaks, dirty air filters, electric control failure, frozen evaporator coils, AC fan failure, mechanical wear and tear, thermostat malfunctions, etc. We have served the NJ community for many years with a 99% success rate.

Improved Safety

Many homeowners in NJ carry out repairs as a DIY project, leading to more complications and safety issues. For instance, carbon monoxide present in the indoor air can cause various respiratory conditions, including asthma, lung collapse, and cancer. On the other hand, NJ Plumbing Choice has experienced technicians who use the right tools to ensure the system operates optimally and safely. The purpose is to maintain your indoor air quality and your family's overall health.

Increased System Lifespan

Not maintaining your HVAC or AC system can lead to many problems, including mechanical wear and tear, electrical issues, and complete system breakdowns. The average lifespan of an AC system is 10-15 years if maintained properly.

Neglecting minor repairs can lead to costly repairs, meaning your AC will consume more energy and work harder to maintain an optimal environment in the indoor space. As a result, it will undergo major problems, causing you to replace the system entirely. Prompt repairs and maintenance by hiring NJ Plumbing Choice can increase your HVAC system's lifespan.

24/7 Emergency Service

First Choice Plumbing, NJ, offers a 24/7 emergency repair service to ensure your family stays comfortable during the hot summer days and nights. Our technician will visit your home even if you call us at 2:00 AM. Our technician will inspect the system, check for faults, and repair the unit immediately. Contact us today for AC repair or maintenance service.

To call for a free estimate for air conditioner repair in North NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 201-288-0390.

1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Cooling – Your Trusted Company for air conditioner repair in North NJ.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Heating Services

Are you looking for heating services in North NJ? 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service, is a fully licensed, insured and bonded plumbing and heating company providing expert heating services in North NJ. 

Heating Service

Most homeowners in NJ have heating systems that undergo a wide range of problems. Regular wear and tear can deteriorate your HVAC, boiler, or any other heating system you have installed at home. Moving components usually begin to wear down, causing the system to work hard and consume more energy.

1ST Choice Plumbing offers a wide range of heating services, including HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. Keeping up with our regular repair or maintenance heating service will ensure the system's smooth operation and increase its lifespan.

Licensed and Certified

1st Choice is a licensed, certified, and experience heating service in NJ that offers various heating services at affordable costs. Our licensed technicians are familiar with all HVAC, furnace, and boiler systems from reputable brands, including Crown, Utica, Peerless, Weil-McLain, Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, and American Standard. Our technicians use the right tools to install, repair and maintain your heating system.

Heating System Installation

1ST Choice Plumbing has qualified and experienced technicians who can help you choose the right heating system for your home. Our professional technicians will ensure your heating system is installed correctly the first time.

Heating system installation in NJ requires special equipment, which does not reside in your toolbox. Our professional technician will remove the old unit and use the right tools to carry out the installation process reliably and safely.

Improved Efficiency

A heating system, such as a boiler or furnace, can undergo various problems if you fail to repair or maintain it properly. These problems include dirty filters, wear and tear, pilot control issues, electric ignition problems, malfunctioning thermostat, no heating, frequent cycling, strange noises, and continuous running of the blower.

1ST Choice Plumbing has experienced technicians with skills in fixing all these problems. With regular repair or maintenance from 1st Choice, your heating system will work more optimally and improve your indoor space comfortable throughout the winter season.

24/7 Emergency Service

1ST Choice Plumbing is a reliable company in NJ that ensure 24/7 availability for its clients in all situations and at all times. We offer round-the-clock emergency services and make sure our technicians visit your home immediately when you call us for heating repairs.

Heating system breakdowns are common, which happen when homeowners least expect them, leading to discomfort, inconvenience, and emergency. Helping to fix and stop unexpected breakdowns is one benefit to have 1st Choice Plumbing's 24/7 heating service.

Installing, repairing, and maintaining a heating system is a job for professional heating service or company like 1st Choice Plumbing, NJ. We aim to keep your home warm and safe during the cold winter months. Contact us today!

For more information on our heating services in North NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service today at (201)288-0390!

1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service – Your trusted company for heating services in North NJ.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Water Heater Repair

Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? At 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service, our fully insured, licensed and bonded plumbing company offers commercial and residential water heater repair in NJ, as well as 24 hour water heater repair in NJ for all your water heater needs.

Water Heater Repair

Technically, a water heater can last between eight to twelve years and sometimes longer. But, when it reaches its end, it gets cranky. A cranky water heater can make water run less or lose its warmth. A situation like this calls for an urgent repair. Water heating repairs helps to improve the lifespan of your appliances. But, how do you know your appliance needs a repair?

Should I get my heater fixed?

Choosing whether to repair your heaters may be difficult, especially when the you consider the cost. But, it is necessary. One may choose to get a replacement for damaged appliances. But, did you know that water heaters cost a fortune than repairs? If an appliances exceeds its lifespan of eight to twelve years, then replacing your heaters could be the best possible solution. However, having a cranky new appliance means there’s a problem. Hence repairs are the next best thing to solving this problem. But, how do you know when your water heater needs repairs?

Troubleshooting a water heater for repairs

Determining the possible cause of a danged appliance could be difficult as there may be likely be more than one reasons your water heater isn’t working. To find The problem, consider the following;

1.     Turn power off

A water heater could be dangerous especially when it is electrical. Electric appliances are high voltages. Hence when plugged in, they are usually harmful. Before checking for any problems on your heater, you would want to put turn off the power by shutting off the voltage from the breaker box.

After tiring off the breaker box, make sure to test for current on the wires of the heater with a non-contact tester before checking for problems.

2.     Find the problem

There are different reasons why your water heater may not be working. Some of them include:

·         No power or tripped current: when the heater is not getting any power, it may mean that you will not get hot water in the house. So, check to know if your heater has current in it.

·         A small unit: in this case, you might be getting inadequate water supply. On the other hand, the water heater might produce hot water but in not enough to fuel the household. It means that your unit is too small. Ensure that you get a unit that properly cover for the house nor will it exceed it’s capacity.

·         Thermostat may be too high: this problem could lead to an overly hot water temperature. So call for a quick repair to get this covered.

    Leaking valve: a leaking valve is cause by poor plumbing connection and may lead to water leaks. When this happens, the water leaks could significantly damage your home. Hence, it is necessary to fix this problem.

·         Sediments build up: when particles build up at the bottom of your heater, it can cause over heating leading to your tank producing cranky sounds. So get this fixed. Don’t know how? It’s easy. With a professional heating repairs team, you get to keep your appliances in shape. 1st Choice Plumbing Heating and Cooling offers you the best deal on your heating repairs. Visit to get a solution to every heating problem.

    For more information on our water heater repair in NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service at (201)288-0390!


     1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Drains - Your trusted source for water heater repair in NJ.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Heating Repair in NJ

Are you looking for heating repair in NJ? 1st Choice Plumbing provides expert heating repair in NJ with professionalism, precision, great customer care and competitive rates.  

Heaters are common equipment in every household for the winter. As the winter approaches, we need to prepare for the cold. A heater is the first thing you need to get ready to keep you and your family warm throughout the season. Heaters often run into problems and need some repairing beforehand. 1st. Choice Plumbing provides excellent repairing services round the clock to help you stay warm. There emergency services make them a reliable choice for some unpredicted fault of heaters.

Common heater issues that need repairs

Multiple things can go wrong with your heating system. Here are a few:

        Clogging of air filters

Unclean filters do not let the furnace heat properly. A difference in air quality, the type of filter being used, the number of occupants in the house, or the pollution in the area is primary factors that can lead to clogging. 

        Less/no heat

The heater might not be producing enough heat to warm up the house. Sometimes it might not produce any heat even with the ignition control on. Problems might be in the thermostat, power, gas, or the heater might be small for the house. 

        A broken thermostat

The thermostat is needed to control the temperature of the heater. A broken or non-functional thermostat can make the fan faulty and cause discomfort. This issue needs immediate attention by the professional services.

        Noisy heater

Heaters make a slight noise when they are in use. However, if there are banging or buzzing unusual sounds, it is indicative of some mechanical problem with the heater. Repair the heater immediately in such situations to avoid further damage.

        Frequent cycling

The heater might switch off and on consistently. Usually, the problem lies with the thermostat settings. If that is not the case, the airflow or air filter might be the reason. Call in a professional to identify the exact problem.

        Wear and tear

All electronics undergo some wear and tear due to regular use. Heaters are no different. With every passing year, the system gets older, and daily use might lead to malfunctioning parts. It is unavoidable, and some repairing will be necessary.

        Lack of maintenance

Heaters are sensitive electronics that need some good care to run smoothly. Gentle handling of a thermostat and proper cleaning of air filters are necessary for the heater to work well. If you do not do regular inspections and cleaning, there will be issues.  

For more information on our heating repair in NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service at (201)288-0390!




Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Baseboard Heating Service In Northern NJ

 Are you looking for baseboard heating services in North NJ? If so, 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service offers residential and commercial baseboard heating services for any type of baseboard issues or needs you may have.

Cold seasons call for effective and powerful heating service. Baseboard heating services are a great way to keep your home warm during harsh winters. They are efficient and reliable. However, baseboard heaters need some help with installation and maintenance. 1st Choice Plumbing Heating and Cooling has professionals that can provide good baseboard heating services.

Types of Baseboard heaters

Two types of baseboard heaters are common in most households. Each has its own set of pros and cons.

        Electric heaters

These are located on the floor close to a wall in one room. The heating happens from one room to another. These are cheap options but not as efficient as a centralized heating system. The electric heaters first heat the air inside it and then push it out through the vent. So, it takes about an hour time to get the space heated up. The heater can be controlled with a thermostat. 

        Hydronic heaters

This is a form of a centralized heating system. Hydronic baseboard heaters work on water or oil which heats up and then warms the air around in the room. The liquid stays warmer for a longer time that keeps the room heated even after the system is turned off. They might be slightly more expensive than the electric heaters but are more efficient. 

Services available for Baseboard heating system

        Baseboard heating installation

Professionals can help you get the baseboard heating system installed. Baseboard heaters are not easy to set up and therefore the 1st Choice Plumbing Heating and Cooling  installation services have got you covered. They help you install heaters of all sizes and shapes. They do both electric and hydronic baseboard heater installation. Professionals can get the installation done faster and correctly.

Baseboard heating replacement

Baseboard heating systems can have multiple issues and might need a complete replacement. This is when you need to call in professionals and get the job done. They can diagnose the issue and help you get the system resolved. Replacement of a baseboard system is a challenging task if it is centrally heated and one needs a good replacement service. 

        Baseboard heating repair

It is another service you might need when using the baseboard heaters. These heaters come with thermostats that are prone to damage on repeated use. So, repairs are necessary now and then. It is recommended you go for a service that repairs heaters from different companies and tackles all sorts of complexities. 

For more information on baseboard heating services in North NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service at 201-288-0390 today!


Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Heating Repair

Are you looking for heating repair in NJ? 1st Choice Plumbing provides expert heating repair in NJ with professionalism, precision, great customer care and competitive rates.

Where Did The Heat Go? Does This Imply You Need Heating Repair Services?

One day, you come home after a tiring day at the office, take shower, prepare coffee, turn on your heating device, and snuggle up inside your blanket. But just in ten minutes, you realize that something is not quite right. After thinking for a while, you discern that your home is chillier than it should be, considering your heater is on. So, you get up and check on the thermostat of your heater to ensure that the device is indeed turned on. But when that is exactly what you find, slowly the reality seeps in and you churn over the possibility that something is, in fact, wrong with your heating system.

But what does this mean? Does the disappearance of the heat necessitate calling heating repair services?

What to do?

Winters in NJ are pretty brutal. If during this cold season, because of some reason, your heating device malfunctions and fails to keep you warm, then you will definitely need the help of professionals. The experts from heating repair services will take care of these problems and any other troubles that might be responsible for your problems-

·         The connection between your heater and thermostat

This is a problem that is more often than not, the cause of your grief. So, if your heater is not working, there is a good possibility that it is so because the connection between your heating device and thermostat is broken, and needs to be fixed. Calling a professional heating repair service provider can solve this problem of yours only in a few minutes.

·         The heating system needs air

In order to warm up your room, your heater needs airflow. If there is no airflow, because of a broken down blower fan or a clogged-up filter, then your heater won’t function. To solve this problem, you will require the assistance of a professional heating repair service provider who will fix your heating system efficiently.

·         The heater is not getting energy

In any case, whether you have a heater or a furnace warming your house, electricity is required to run the system. However, if as a result of some reason, your heater is failing to access that electricity, then generating warmth will be impossible.

·         The heater has no way of creating warmth

It is a possibility that your furnace might not be able to ignite its burners or your heat pump might not have a refrigerant, which is why your heater might not be working. In any case, if there is something of any sort, you will need some professional help.

For more information on our heating repair in NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service at 

1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service - Your Trusted Source for heating repair in NJ

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Water Heater Repair in NJ

 Are you looking for water heater repair in NJ? At 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service, our fully insured, licensed and bonded plumbing company offers commercial and residential water heater repair in NJ, as well as 24 hour water heater repair in NJ for all your water heater needs. We service all major brands of water heaters including AOSmith, Rheem, Brad Fordwhite, LG, State and White Pool.

5 signs your water heater needs repair.

Water heaters help us by performing wonders in water heating. However, with use, water heaters can need some form of repair. Therefore you should contact a professional plumber when you notice these signs listed below:

  • Unusual Noises

Once your water heater begins to make abnormal sounds, it could be an indication that it needs the services of a professional plumber. If your water heater is making popping, creaking, or rumbling noises then you need repair. Sometimes hard water and mineral buildup are implicated in water heater noises. Most times, the distinct popping water heater noise is caused by minerals forming a layer on the surface of the water heater. 

  • Cloudy Water

If your water has a metallic scent or a cloudy look? Then this is an indicator for repair. Funky-smelling water is a sign of a failing water heater. When mineral deposits begin to travel out of the water heater, it can cause the water to have some sort of cloudy appearance. These mineral deposits can impact faucets, facilitating clogging elements that control the flow of water. If an orange tinge is seen as the color of the water, then it can also signify faulty rusty pipes which also needs repair.

  • Reduced water hotness.

Does your shower produce lukewarm water? Does it take a long time to get hot water from the tap? Then it is a sign you don’t need to ignore.

As the water is heated water minerals separate and settles at the bottom of the water storage tank. The mineral deposits can settle down in the bottom of the tank and form a sort of barrier between the burner and the water which causes less heat to reach the water. This is a big sign that you need the services of a professional plumber.

  • Leaking or Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

Leaking and faulty valves are major symptoms that you need a water heater repair. Is your temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve leaking? Or, does hot water not flow through the pipe when you test the valve? Then you need the services of a professional plumber . The function of the TPR valve is that it opens to release pressure buildup in the water heater If your water heater. If the TPR valve malfunctions, water in the tank will also be faulty.

  • Leaking Tank Water

Corrosion within the water tank can lead to fractures and cracks. A leaking water heater can wreak some havoc in your home if care is not taken. If the leak is coming from the TPR valve, it is essential to call a professional plumber to help you out. If you’re experiencing any of the water heater failure signs listed above, contact a professional plumber for a solution.

For more information on our water heater repair in NJ, call 1st Choice Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Drain Service at (201)288-0390!

1st Choice Plumbing, Heating and Drains - Your trusted source for water heater repair in NJ.

Water Heater Repair NJ