Thursday, June 4, 2015

Commercial AC Repair in North NJ

Keeping your office comfortable and cool is paramount to keeping your employees productive and content. When your building's air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of summer, you need a professional who offers 24/7 commercial AC repair services. If you need commercial AC repair in north NJ, let the experts at 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Cooling help you!

For over 30 years, 1st Choice Pluming Heating & Cooling has provided businesses throughout north NJ with affordable and reliable AC repair services. Our trained and certified technicians have the skills and tools necessary to work on any brand of cooling system, no matter what its capacity is. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection and peace of mind.

There are tell tale signs that may suggest your air conditioning unit needs repair. Odd noises and odors coming from the vents or the AC unit itself are never a good sign. If you notice a water leak anywhere near the air conditioner unit, there would be a build up of condensation because of a broken drain tube. Inaccurate thermostats may also point to a malfunctioning AC. The most obvious sign you may need AC repair is limited air flow coming through the vents. Though these symptoms may seem insignificant, they can cause permanent damage to your commercial air conditioner if they are not fixed.

Don't let these issues build up. Rather than waiting until the last minute when you need to install a whole new system, let 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Cooling help you repair it. If you're in need of commercial AC Repair in north NJ and would like a free estimate, please call us today at 201-288-0390.

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