Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Expert Plumbing Repair in Bergen County, NJ

You shouldn't settle for anything less than expert plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ. For years our professional plumbers have provided Bergen County, and North NJ, with a variety of plumbing services to keep your home functioning as it should. Our affordable rates and dedication to exceptional customer satisfaction make us a trusted name for expert plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ, and you'll see for yourself once you give us a call.

Pipes perform a variety of functions in your home and when one leaks or bursts, could cause serious damage. The two most basic problems homeowners encounter are pipe leakage, a small problem that could wind up causing water damage in your home, and drain clogs - which can prevent you from bathing, doing laundry, cooking, and other functions.

Low water pressure is less common than the two previously mentioned, but requires expert plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ. The causes for low water pressure are varied, but typically come from mineral buildup in your pipes. A mineral buildup prevents proper water flow and clogs up the pipes and your shower-head. Change in water pressure can also be attributed to a leaking pipe, which is a much more serious issue. The water runoff can damage the foundation of your home, costing much more money to repair.

Whatever symptoms you may be experiencing, our expert plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ is sure to offer a remedy. We provide many plumbing services in NJ, including:

At first notice, call for a free estimate to make sure your home is safe and more damage does not occur. For more information about expert plumbing repair in Bergen County NJ or our other services, call us today at (201) 288-0390.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hot Water Boiler Repair in NJ

Before winter catches up with you, make sure you are prepared with hot water boiler repair in NJ. We have been serving North NJ with boiler repair for many years, and our professional team provides free service estimates before getting to work, so you'll know what to expect and how to get it fixed. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service and work hard to prevent the cold from invading your home. With our "We Beat Any Price" guarantee, you can be sure to receive affordable hot water boiler repair in NJ and expert service.

A hot water boiler has a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years, so if you know it's been that long, it may be time for hot water boiler repair in NJ to bring it up to task this winter. Other than lifespan, there are some tell-tale signs your hot water boiler will need repair before the weather turns. Things to look out for include:

  • Inconsistent Water Temperature: You'll notice this first thing in the morning when getting into the shower. Icy cold water when it should be warm is indication that you need hot water boiler repair in NJ. Any inconsistencies in temperature, like water turning warm to cold throughout your shower, are also signs of repair.
  • Increased Sediment: When your faucet water appears discolored, rusty, or contains bits of minerals, your boiler is in trouble. A buildup can cause longer water heating periods and create noises during operation.
  • Gauge Increase: If you suspect something wrong with your hot water boiler, check the gauge. Monitoring the pressure inside is vital to the hot water heater's health and your safety. A normal reading is 12-15 pound of pressure. The closer pressure comes to 30 pounds, the more damaged the hot water heater can become. Call for hot water boiler repair in NJ immediately if pressure exceeds 30 pounds, as this can become dangerous to your safety.
Do not postpone hot water heater repair in NJ if you have concerns. Buildup of issues over time will only create more problems down the line, resulting in hot water boiler replacement in NJ; a much more costly service.

We provide hot water boiler repair in NJ for many cities and towns in NJ, including:

...and many more.

For more information about hot water boiler repair in NJ, a free estimate, our "We Beat Any Price" guarantee, or our other boiler services in NJ, call us today at (201) 288-0390.