Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Water Heater Repair in Bergen County NJ

Water heaters have many parts that can go on the fritz at any time. If your water heater is acting strange or causing you a headache, please call our water heater repair in Bergen County NJ experts and allow us to assist you through the process. With years of experience, First Choice Plumbing has the dedication, tools, and expertise to have your water heater promptly running. We employ care and consideration for your home to make sure you aren't left in the cold...literally! Below are a few reasons you may need water heater repair in Bergen County NJ.

The most obvious issue with a water heater is that your faucet is not providing hot water. You go to the sink, hit the switch, and either cold water comes from either nozzle or no water is released at all. This can be devastating, especially if one is preparing to leave the home. When you’re about to hop in the shower, this reality check is the farthest thing you may want. But this does not have to be a disaster for very long. We’ll perform water heater repair in Bergen County NJ as timely as possible, so you can enjoy a nice hot shower the minute we leave.

Water heaters may also produce large puddles of water. This can cause a mini flood in your basement, damaging the floor and all of your possessions. Before the water spreads all over the basement, call our waterheater repair in Bergen County NJ servicemen to locate the problem and stop the spread before it gets out of control.

Another issue one may experience with the water heater is a loud, gargling sound coming from the appliance. Other problems include: lukewarm or boiling hot water, brown or otherwise discolored water, or water with a foul odor. Most of the time, these are fairly simple problems. These repairs won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In no time at all, your water will be exactly how you want it. That means, the water won’t be brown or foul smelling, the water won’t leak or puddle, and the water will come out and at just the right temperature. No more surprises with your water!

We also provide:

 When you experience any of the above symptoms, make sure to call First Choice Plumbing for experienced and reliable service. For more information about water heater repair in Bergen County NJ, call us today at (201) 288-0390. Our previous customers speak for us, so be sure to see our water heater repair reviews in Bergen County NJ.

We service the following areas with water heater repair in Bergen County NJ:

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