Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Burst Pipe Repair in Bergen County NJ

A burst pipe might cause havoc and destruction in its path, but it still remains one of the most common plumbing problems. Many of the conditions that cause pipes to burst are out of your control. You should discuss your options with our team sent over for your burst pipe repair in Bergen County NJ. Ask them how you can take steps to prevent a similar situation for the rest of your plumbing. For your benefit, below you’ll find information about why pipes burst in the first place and what you can do to prevent it.

First Choice Plumbing is a fully-insured and trusted plumbing and heating company serving residential and commercial property owners with efficient, affordable, and professional burst pipe repair in Bergen County NJ. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and safety, which is why we work to prevent major damage with our burst pipe repair services. 

You don’t need anybody telling you how terrible a burst pipe is. The amount of water damage can be truly unnerving. Still, a little information into the causes will be of assistance in the future.

Extreme Colds

The most common reason why pipes burst in the first place remains the extreme cold. When pipes are not properly protected from any frozen air, it can cause a big problem. The pipe bursts because the water inside has also frozen. This causes the pipe to expand, until the point where it bursts. Ice inside the pipe will produce a pressure, and this is the reason for the floodgates to burst open.

How to Prevent?

Prevention is your main duty, because burst pipes can cause massive havoc. Water pipes should be insulated and lagged. Pipes for outdoor rooms should be buried deep. You should also be sure to heat your home or office adequately. You should call us for burst pipe repair in Bergen County NJ at first notice of a leak. Discuss this with your cleanup team, and you’ll find the best way to prevent a bursting pipe in the future.

We are proud to provide burst pipe repair in Bergen County NJ, and we serve all communities including:
We know how big of a problem you have on your hands after the pipe exploded and spilled its water all around your property. Call us now before the situation slips out of your control.

For more information about burst pipe repair in Bergen County NJ, call First Choice Plumbing at (201) 288-0390.

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