Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Plumbers in NJ

Any homeowner knows the value of a good plumber. They’ll come by to unclog drains or fix leaky faucets. Plus, they’ll be there when a pipe bursts or your water heater conks out. However, plumbers in NJ can do so much more than those repairs. Many time, homeowners are confronted with a problem and they’ve already got the guy who can handle it—they just don’t know it. Take a look at this list of four things you never knew your plumber could do.

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  • Flooding: Flooded basements might be every homeowner’s worst nightmare, but your plumber can be your hero. Plumbers have the equipment to pump the water out of your basement and dry it out as quickly as possible. Plus, they can install sump pumps and offer other solutions to ensure that once the water is out of your basement, it never comes back.
  • Sewer lines: If a sewer line from your home to the street clogs, leaks, or breaks, your first instinct might be to call your town. But they’ll tell you what plumbers already know. The lines from your home to the street are YOUR responsibility. So now what? Call your plumber. They are experts at repairing sewer lines.
  • Gas lines: If you smell gas or need a new gas line installed, then call your plumber. Sure, there’s no water involved, but master plumbers in NJ also have gas-fitting licenses, which means they can take care of those repairs, often for less than your utility company.
  • Water softeners and filters: Most companies that sell water softeners or filtration systems would have you believe that they are the only ones who can install the system. That is absolutely not true. Your local plumber can handle this job, no problem. And again, they’ll often do it for much less than the water filtration company.

This is only a short list, but gives a good idea of plumbers’ extensive expertise. A good rule of thumb is, if the repair involves water or pipes then your plumber can handle it. Call your plumber today to find out how he can help you.

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