Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sump Pump Repair in NJ

Sump pumps are designed to make sure your basement and crawl spaces are dry and free from flooding water. They solve most basement flooding and leaking problems and make sure the foundation of your home is imperative to the maintenance of your home. Anticipating wet weather not knowing if your sump pump is functioning well is a terrible feeling. And with the warmer months just ahead of us, it becomes more crucial to have your sump pump run in great condition. Today we at 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Drain Service want you to begin to understand when you might need sump pump repair in NJ to make sure your basement is dry in the wet weather.

Sump pump repair
     A sump pump is a piece of equipment with moving parts, meaning it will wear out or stop functioning if it needs replacement or repair. If it is not working as required, call our experts to assess it and the situation and get it fixed.

Signs your sump pump needs repair
What are the common signs that will help you determine if your sump pump needs repair. 

  • Seven years or older: sump pumps need to be replaced after every five or seven years. If it’s older than seven years, consider replacing to avoid ending up with a flooded basement.
  • Runs constantly: not all sump pumps are created equally. A standard sump pump should be able to pump 35 gallons of water per minute, anything less might need to run constantly to keep up with the flow of water which can lead to it getting overwhelmed and damaged. Consistent repairing improves its function and lifetime.
  • Switch stuck or the pump gets stuck sometimes while running: some pumps have mechanical pressure switches. These switches are prone to failure. Also, tethered floats are known for getting stuck, but if your sump pump gets stuck while running it means you need to repair it to improve its function.
Sump Pump Repair in NJ 
Others signs include
  • Visible rust
  •  Makes strange noises
  • Hasn’t run since the last rain season
  •  Vibrates excessively while in use or running
  • In some cases, replacing is cheaper than repairing
Cost of repairing
The cost of repairing reflects the labor cost of the company along with the unit itself. The higher the cost of the pump the costlier it will be.

A sump pump should last for seven years, or even more, but maintaining it using professional contractors like us at 1st Choice Plumbing. can extend its life. The mantra “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” really should not apply to maintaining sump pumps. You should consistently maintain and repair and if possible, change your sump pump every seven years.

For more information about sump pump repair in NJ or to learn more about us at 1st Choice Heating & Drain Service please call us at 201-288-0390. One of our sump pump experts will be ready to answer your call.

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