Tuesday, May 9, 2017

AC Repair in NJ

Air conditioners make our lives easier during the extreme weather conditions. It is hard to imagine staying in a very hot office in a summer afternoon and expecting to be productive. However, the units may break down after a period. At that point you'll need our AC repair in NJ.

AC Repair in NJ 
It is also important to have periodic AC maintenance services. The services correct a few problems with the AC that you may not have noticed. This forestalls any likely breakdown in the near future. 

At 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Drain Service we have many years of repairing and tuning various AC systems. Just like any other appliance, your AC may break down without warning and make your life very uncomfortable. However, with us as your trusted AC repair firm, you will not have to suffer for long. 

What are some of the problems that signal that your AC needs checking? 

Increasing energy bills without any apparent increase in usage 
If you have been experiencing a dramatic rise in energy bills over time without additional equipment or usage, your AC system may be the problem. If the system cannot cool the room conveniently, it tends to work harder to keep you cool thereby increasing the energy costs.  

Failure to cool the room at preferred temperature 
This is the most obvious sign that your AC requires repair. If you cannot maintain the room temperature at your preferred level, the chances are that the AC system has broken down. Call us, and we'll be there to fix it very soon.

Noisy unit 
Most AC systems are silent in their operations. A few small ones have a low buzz when working. Therefore, a high pitched noise may be an indicator that your AC is having problems. Rather than wait until it stops, consider calling our professionals to have it checked. 

Why choose us?
There are so many plumbing companies out there that claim be better than the last. Here are some reasons you may choose us over the rest. 

•If you need a time sensitive repair in live in New Jersey, we can get to you very easily as we are located in New Jersey, thus do all of our business there. 
•Has a reputation for doing quality work and being prompt 
•We work beyond the official working hours, during holidays and at weekends 
•We offer affordable AC repair services 

Our contractors will give you a quote after they have inspected your AC system and diagnosed the problem.

To learn more about us at 1st Choice Plumbing Heating & Drain Service or for more information about our AC repair in NJ, please call us today at 201-288-0360. One of our experienced and expert plumbers will be happy to speak to you. 

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