Monday, May 5, 2014

AC System Problems in NJ

Do you have AC System problems in NJ? First Choice Plumbing can help you with any AC System problem repair you may need.
  •          AC System won’t turn on
  •          Poor Air flow from cooling vents to specific rooms
  •          AC System does not dehumidify adequately
  •          Inadequate cooling with long “On” compressor cycle
  •          Short “On” Cycle turning on and off frequently

AC System won’t turn on
Frequently an AC system won’t turn on due to a blown circuit breaker or fuse. There could mean a wire is lose or it may just need to be replaced.

Poor Air flow from cooling vents to specific rooms
Usually poor air flow results from a dirty air filter or duct work that has become blocked, crimped or even disconnected.

AC System does not dehumidify adequately
Depending on the AC system all the air it produces and cools can be in a system that is larger for the house. The air can be cooled very fast that not enough of the humid air has gone across the cooling coil in time to get dehumidified.

Inadequate cooling with lone “On” compressor cycle
Inadequate cooling coupled with a long “on” cycle of the compressor is a sign of a worn out compressor that has lost its ability to compress refrigerant.

Short “On” Cycle
An AC System that turns On and Off frequently can have a broken thermostat or leaking refrigerant confusing it to think the room is cool when it actually is not. 

First Choice provides 24 7 satisfaction AC System repair in NJ. Whenever there is a problem with your AC System we are there to fix it no matter the time or day. Just look at what our customers from the past have said about us and how much customer satisfaction we have built over the years.

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