Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AC Tune Up in North NJ

Before the hot summer days arrive you may want to see if your AC unit is running well. Whether it be Central AC in NJ or Ductless AC, 1st Choice Plumbing offers AC Tune Up in North NJ. When your AC unit stays idle all through the winter it may not work as well when it was last turned on. This doesn't mean it’s broken it just needs a fine tune up.

An AC Tune Up in North NJ can just consist of replacing a small part or tweaking a few screws. We offer 24/7 Emergency AC Service that is 100% reliable for a fine tune up or repair. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to an AC Tune Up in NJ. You will save money on energy costs while enjoying the flow of cold air throughout your home or office. Also your AC system will have a longer life, saving you money from buying a whole new system.

Here at 1st Choice Plumbing we want to make sure your AC system whether it’s Central or Ductless, gets the tune up it deserves. We work efficiently and make sure every job is done to the fullest. A fine tune up will stop from future problems. You don’t need to worry about your AC unit breaking down after we give it a fine tune up, you’ll enjoy it all summer long with no worry. We offer AC Tune Up in North NJ at a great price, just $65.

If you’re interested in AC Tune Up in North NJ give us a call today at 201-288-0390 

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