Friday, May 30, 2014

Central AC Units or Window AC Units: Central AC repair in NJ

There is a huge difference when it comes to Central AC and Window AC. One fills your whole home with cool air as where the other one only does specific rooms. Can you guess which is which? If you don’t know already Central AC fills your whole home with fresh cool air on those hot summer days. Having a window unit may cool one room but it’s difficult for it to fill the whole house unless you have a lot of them.

When you have Central Air the AC unit sends cool air throughout your whole home through ducts in the ceiling. These are pathways for the air to travel into any room the duct leads to. The system is set to know how big your house is and to make sure enough cool air reaches each room. This is very energy efficient and doesn't boost up your electric bill. Central AC keeps your entire home or office cool while saving you money on energy.

Window AC units can be installed by you, not requiring a professional. Yet they let you install them on your own but you cannot custom them to fill up every room. If you wanted cool air in your bedroom and also in the bedroom right next to it, you’ll need to buy two units. They are only strong enough to keep one room cool at a time. If the room is really large the window AC may only be able to cool half the room or it can take a while for the whole room to stay cold. Window AC units also use a lot of energy while they are on which can rack up your electric bill, which is never fun.

As you can see Central AC is more energy efficient and keeps your whole house cool instead of select rooms. You can customize which rooms get more cool air than others. If you’re interested in Central AC Installation in NJ or Central AC Repair in NJ give us a call today at 201-288-0390 and receive a free estimate. 

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