Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boiler Repair in Bergen County, NJ

The fact of the matter is that you only consider your heating system when you need emergency boiler repair in Bergen County NJ. Other than that, you only know one thing: when you’re cold, you have to hit a switch and say goodbye to the chill. Yet regular maintenance can prevent the need for more serious damages which require a more expensive repair or replacement.

At First Choice Plumbing, our professionals have years of experience and training to handle the problems that come with a malfunctioning boiler. Our commitment to providing you with prompt and reliable boiler repair in Bergen County NJ has made us a trusted repair company over the years. 

We are there to help you in the event of disaster. For your information, we’ve compiled a list of the four most common problems you’ll find with your boiler and how they came about.

Lack of Heat and/or Hot Water

This is the serious one for your overall warmth in the winter and ability to take hot showers in the morning. This can occur if there are any broken diaphragms or airlocks in the boiler. The motorized valves can also fail. Other causes include a thermostat that doesn’t work as it should or unusually low water levels. In any event, we can promptly send over our professionals to restore your heat with expert boiler repair in Bergen County NJ.

Strange Sounds in the Boiler

If you hear any strange sounds, you don’t need an expert to tell you that there’s a problem on your hands. These sounds are most commonly caused by air entering the boiler system. Still, it can also occur from low water pressure and pump failure.


If your boiler is dripping water, you need to act fast before you have a flood in the basement. The cause is not easily determined without seeing the boiler itself, as different models, ages, sizes, and volumes can each bring about different causes for leaking. We understand the urgency of these matters, which is why our professionals are available to perform emergency boiler repair in Bergen County NJ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlit Pilot Light

The pilot should be lit at all times or your boiler won’t work. Also, the flame should be kept strong, meaning it shines blue. If the light remains unlit, it is possible that a thermocouple is broken and the gas supply is not reaching the pilot light. Draughts blowing on the pilot can also put it out, as can any buildup of deposits, debris, or waste.

For more information about our professional boiler repair in Bergen County NJ, call First Choice Plumbing today at (201) 288-0390.

Our dedication to providing Bergen County residents with prompt and expert boiler repairs is a top priority. See what our past customers have said in our boiler repair reviews in Bergen County NJ.

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