Monday, November 23, 2015

Furnace Repair in Bergen County, NJ

As soon as the weather begins to chill, homes are in need of heat. This is when our offices get the most calls, as people need professional furnace repair in Bergen County NJ. First Choice Plumbing is an established plumbing company utilizing our years of experience, training, and knowledge to perform prompt and affordable furnace repair in Bergen County NJ when your system malfunctions or stops working entirely. Whether you have a problem with the heat at your home or office, we have the service to get you through the winter. In order to prevent serious damage, keep in mind the following ways your furnace can find issues when you turn up the thermostat.

Filters are Dirty

Some furnace problems can be solved rather simply. This is one of them. If the filters get clogged up, airflow gets reduced. This means that the furnace has to work extra hard and sometimes it just stops working from exhaustion. Get your furnace system regularly cleaned and maintained.

Ignition Issues

Another common problem we see in the field is a faulty ignition or pilot control in the furnace. If the ignition is having problems, then you are unlikely to feel any heat pumping through the system. The pilot light may not light if there are any clogs or drafts taking place in the system. Our expert furnace repair in Bergen County NJ unclogs systems and performs service to pilot lights to remedy problems surrounding them.

No Heat, Not Enough
If you’re not feeling any heat at all, then we must come take assess the unit and look for symptoms requiring furnace repair in Bergen County NJ. It is likely that the pilot light is out. Otherwise, the issue is caused by problems with the power, gas, or thermostat problems. If you’re not getting enough heat, we can have somebody to your location shortly to inspect your unit for signs of furnace problems. 

Loud Noises

If you hear any rattling or otherwise unpleasant sounds coming from the furnace, vents, pipes, or other heating components, you have a clear indication of a mechanical problem. We’ve also seen noises caused by problems with airflow within the furnace or the burner itself being clogged from debris.

In all, most problems come about from lack of maintenance. By having the experts come perform regular check-ups, you can prevent any of these larger issues from happening. That is, unless they are caused by normal wear and tear. Nothing lasts forever. But with our furnace repair in Bergen County NJ services, we can help your furnace last for years to come.

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