Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heating Repair in Bergen County, NJ

In the middle of the winter, and your heat begins to fail, you wonder how our ancestors survived in the brutal temperatures outdoors. You can’t think about going on another minute in the freezing cold, and you don’t have to. Don’t worry, we’ve seen just about all issues than can come up in your heating system. And we also know how to treat them with our expert heating repair in Bergen County NJ. At First Choice Plumbing, we've developed a positive reputation as a reliable plumbing company that is committed to your satisfaction. Our heating repairmen understand how unbearable things can get without heat in winter. This is why we promptly come to your location to efficiently perform heating repair in Bergen County NJ. Below are the three most common heating problems we’ve seen in the field.

Complete or Partial Lack of Heat

This is the big one. Not like Fred Sanford, but you’re still clutching at your chest. Instead of an oncoming heart attack, you’re pounding away looking for body heat to save the day. If your heater is not working at all, you have a serious issue. The first step is to ensure that electricity is getting to your heating system. If so, what about the gas supply? If these are fine, then you probably have one of the two issues listed below.

If the heat is coming on, but not in full force, then you probably have a problem with the ductwork. It is also possible there is a leak or block somewhere in the system. If all else fails, we may need to bleed your radiators. In either instance, our professional heating repair in Bergen County NJ can assess for problems and implement solutions to get your heat up and running again.

Pilot Light Issues

If you want heat, then you need to be sure the pilot light is always lit. If you find it not lit, then you need to relight it and check the heat again. If you light it, but you find a small yellow flame, then you have a serious problem. The flame should be blue, indicating its high temperature. If it’s not blue, then we need to get to your home immediately for emergency heating repair in Bergen County NJ. You can be exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning from a weak pilot light.

Thermostat on the Fritz

If you feel the temperature is jumping around in your home from extreme cold to extreme hot, then your thermostat is probably acting up. This is a simple fix. All we need to do is recalibrate the thermostat to set you straight in no time.

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